Sustanon 300

Vast majority of visitors of gyms, in any case, those who treat training with iron not as to entertainment which task - somehow to kill gray everyday life, and to responsible work, those who set before themselves more or less serious purposes even if they also are not connected with performances on a competitive podium, address such class of pharmacological preparations as androgens and anabolic steroids sooner or later. Badly or it is good - to judge it not to us. In any case, within this article the moral aspect of the appeal to anabolic steroids will not be considered. And what will be? I will try to tell what to begin with the Sustanon 300 one who decided to try steroids, but for the present has very vague idea of what is it. That is, this article - a peculiar grant for beginners.
I already repeatedly wrote that lack of information is very much and very badly. 
Such absence generates not just keen interest in the subject which is carefully hidden from lighting in mass media but also forces to address for council people who often have about this piece of knowledge, horrifying the expert. A result of activity of numerous screen gurus - at best, senselessly spent money, in the worst - the acquired problems with health. The purpose of this article - to give to the reader not familiar with this subject, at least elementary knowledge about androgens and anabolic steroids, about volume what pluses and minuses promises their application, how to reach maximum, result from their application, without putting or putting at the minimum risk the health.

What is these androgens and anabolic steroids?

You remember all these councils: 

The cycle has to be more anabolic, but not androgenic? Still many try to conform to this rule. To estimate the value of this council, let's try, at least shortly, to define that all these androgens and anabolic steroids represent. But before it is necessary to tell that steroids are united by concept all preparations which cornerstone the steroid skeleton is. 
In turn, the steroid skeleton is four benzene rings, united in the structure called very difficult: tsiklopentapergidrofenantren. Each position of a skeleton is numbered from 1 to 17, and rings have alphabetic references.
A forefather of all anabolic steroids is testosterone, actually it is a steroid skeleton with hydroxyl group (IT) in situation 17; as well as the majority of other steroids, at testosterone has two metilny groups (SNZ) at provisions 10 and 13 (provisions of metilny groups are designated by numbers 18 and 19). Molecules of all anabolic steroids in a varying degree copy testosterone molecule. Naturally, each of again created preparations is allocated with the special lines. Rings of A and D just Sustanon 300 are also those places which are exposed to changes for the purpose of giving to a preparation of necessary properties at the majority of steroids.
If to return to androgens and anabolic steroids, then it is necessary to tell that in the international practice refused such classification for a long time. For one simple reason - impossibility to draw a dividing line between testosterone and its derivatives. If you take any western textbook or the qualifier in hand, then will see that there is such group of pharmacological preparations as androgens and anabolic steroids well called by AAS. Without compulsory division of the preparations entering it into subgroups.
Androgenic properties have to be inherent only in those preparations which are capable even if partially to turn into dihydrotestosterone. That is, to testosterone and methyltestosterone which according to domestic classification also belong to the class of androgens. But there are also dihydrotestosterone derivatives. It drostanolon, mesterolon (proviron), methenobosoms (primobolan) and stanozolol. Somewhat properties of the parent are inherent also in them, that is, and, though with a certain share of convention, it is possible to call these preparations androgenic. 
With one exception, which is methenobosoms. If to get into this jungle further, then it will be necessary to remember that the developed muscles belong to secondary man's sexual characters. That is, if to judge it is absolutely strict, then it is necessary to consider increase in muscles as manifestation of androgenic activity of this or that preparation, and the preparations promoting growth of muscles, androgenic. There are and some more signs on which it would be possible to consider androgenic such preparations as nandrolon or boldenon. So not to bring final turmoil in your heads, it is better to follow, nevertheless, the international classification and not to divide anabolic steroids into androgens and anabolic steroids. And only to add that the most powerful anabolic steroid is Sustanon 300 testosterone. On it it is also worth building all the cycles.